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Brand: Bold Hold
BOLD HOLD ACTIVESmall bottle (1.3oz) Bold Hold Active is a new version of the Bold Hold Extreme Creme by The Hair Diagram. Bold Hold Active is an amazing water-based non-toxic lace adhesive with a 2-3 week hold. Ideal for application of hair systems and hair units. This adhesive is odorles..
Brand: Bold Hold
Apply thin Layer of Bold Hold Extreme Creme to skin only. Allow to dry until tacky. (up to 5 layers) Each layer must be clear before adding the next layer.  Attach unit, allow to cure for 24 hours before getting wet.  You may use in conjunction with Bold Hold Lace Tape for the Ultimate Hol..
Brand: Cantu
Comfy all-in-one cap plus a built-in scarf, made of ultra plush, super absorbent microfiber material that effectively absorbs moisture and helps to reduce frizz. Tie the scarf for a perfect fit. Use in combination with Cantu's tried and true weightless products, made just for your tresses. All bounc..
Brand: Cantu
Keep your carefully crafted style safe and protected at night with Cantu's Braided Hat. Hailed as the expert in all things curly hair, Cantu's hat features an adjustable strap for added security, while its extra-long structure makes it ideal for thicker, fuller styles. Minimize the risk of nibbling,..
Brand: Cantu
Cantu Plastic Boar Smooth Thick Hair Styler Brush. Specially made for kinky and coily hair, this brush is designed with longer bristles to reach further into thick hair, giving you more control over your styles. Crafted from natural boar hair, the bristles are soft on the locks but still sturdy..
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