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CG Leave-in Without Protein

Brand: As I Am
As I Am - Detangling ConditionerProvides easier release of tangles after cleaningThe leave in formula stays on to prepare your hair for applying styling productsRich consistency. Economical to use. A small amount does the job.Moisture gives and promotes appearanceHelps strengthen hair and repair dam..
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As I Am - Dry & Itchy Leave In Conditioner (8oz)
Brand: As I Am
As I Am Dry & Itchy Scalp Care Leave In Conditioner - 8 ounce - Enriched with Piroctone Olamine, Ceramides, Olive Oil, and Tea Tree Oil. Available from these sellers. Dry and Itchy Leave-In Conditioner. Adds moisture and shine...
As I Am - Leave-In Conditioner (8oz)
Brand: As I Am
A good leave-in is an important first step in styling. Apply after cleaning and conditioning. Your finished style will be softer and more manageable...
Brand: Camille Rose
Pure coconut waters and fruit extracts are stirred together with penetrating seed oils of flax, grape, hemp and sunflower for maximum moisture benefits. Thickening shea butter and emollient marshmallow root are churned into a green tea brew to create this non-greasy, shine-enhancing hair nourisher f..
Brand: Camille Rose
We start with water, then add our oils. First coconut, then sunflower, and finally a wink castor. Orange peel clarifies this nourishing treat to create the perfect soothing glaze for the sensitive strands of your boy or girl.USE:Add a dollop of this naturally fruity mixture after cleansing and watch..
Cantu Kids - Leave-in Conditioner (10oz)
Brand: Cantu
Deep conditions for better manageability, reducing breakage and frizz with the perfect blend of pure shea butter, coconut oil and honey formulated without hard ingredients. Care for and nourish fragile coils, curls and waves with Cantu's gentle care for textured hair...
Brand: Curls
Soften, detangle and moisture dry tresses with ease. No more washing the day will be a big job with this game changer. It makes your kinks feel like silk...
Brand: Flora & Curl
DETANGLES - Formulated to instantly smoothen the hair cuticle and remove knots, snarls and tangles from wavy, curly and kinky-textured hair.SMOOTHENING - Vitamin B (Panthenol) enhances natural sheen on the cuticles to create high shine and silkiness while reducing frizz and preventing more knots and..
Giovanni - Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner (8.5oz)
Brand: Giovanni
Giovanni Direct Leave-in Weightless Moisture Conditioner is a weightless hydrating conditioner. It nourishes your hair and penetrates its own and instantly the ingredients you need. Enriched protein has its hair when damaged, strengthens and strengthens your hair without center of gravity...
Jane Carter - Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner (8oz)
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Brand: Jane Carter
Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner works wonders for dry hair and hydrates the second day of hair. Perfect for fragile, colored or relaxed hair, this product acts as a protective barrier against further damage. The lightweight formula allows you to lower the temperature when flat-iro..
Brand: Keracare
Use after cleansing (and before wet styling) to help seal cuticles and add shine to dry frizzy hair while preparing it for styling. Makes it drastically easier to detangle hair, making your wash & style day shorter than usual...
Kinky Curly - Knot Today (8oz)
Brand: Kinky Curly
KNOT TODAY is a creamy herbal conditioner and detangler designed to smooth the cuticle and remove knots, tangles and knots from thick curly textured hair. After washing the hair, apply Knot Today generously and work through touched areas with a wide toothed comb. Advantages of the product:..
Kinky Curly - Tiny Twirls Styler (8oz)
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Brand: Kinky Curly
Kinky Curly Tiny Twirls Styler when washing and going is not an option for your toddler, Tiny Twirls is the perfect product that will detangle, smooth and hydrate. Great for lint-free ponytails, shiny braids, drop curls and twists. An excellent product for smoothing frizzy hair line edges. Formulate..
Novex - Mystic Black Leave-In Conditioner (16.9oz)
Brand: Novex
Novex Mystic Black is a powerful detangler with Baobab Seed Oil enriched properties that makes the detangling process much smoother. It gives your hair the extra shine it needs to style and protect your hair from drying out and split ends. The Baobab Seed Oil is distinguished by its high moisturizin..
Brand: TGIN
SOFT, GLOSSY AND TREATABLE HAIR: Our Green Tea Super Moist Leave in Conditioner contains argan oil that penetrates the scalp to nourish the roots of your hair, promoting hair growth...
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