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Brand: Cantu
Add a beautiful pop of color to your curly kid’s hair with Cantu for Kids Easy Wrap Slide-On Fashion Band! This super-soft kids’ hair accessory is perfect for styling your little one’s hair ..
Brand: Curl Keeper
Best detangling brush on wet or dry curl textures. Great for kids, built strong, durable, lightweight and easy to clean. Great for shower use, combing through conditioner removes all tangles and shampoo massaging will clean the scalp. Its' open cushion concept eliminates bacteria or product build up..
Denman - Be-Bop Brush Massage Borstel (Random Color) 1 Piece
Brand: Denman
Circular palm-sized hairbrush for detangling hair and massaging the scalp.Flexible, round-ended pins allows product to be distributed throughout the hair easily. Waterproof material for convenient shower/bath use. Extra-soft plastic pins to massage the scalp...
€4.24 €7.87
Brand: Denman
For detangling, combing back or applying mousse and gel. This comb is well balanced with a high impact resistance for ultimate performance. Produced to the highest standards of precision and quality...
€5.45 €7.85
Brand: Denman
Brush for handbag styling with 5 rows of nylon pins. The famous antistatic rubber cushion from Denman ensures maximum grip and control when blow drying before shaping the hair. Perfect for on-the-go styling!..
€10.59 €11.99
Brand: Denman
Brush size: Small5 rows of soft nylon teethAnti-static rubber cushion..
Brand: Denman
Brush size: Large9 rows of nylon teethAnti-static rubber cushionIdeal for thick, long hair..
€16.34 €19.95
Brand: Denman
Brush size: Large9 rows of nylon teethAnti-static rubber cushionCoarse, ideal for thick, long hair..
€16.34 €19.95
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