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Brand: Cantu
Enjoy sweet dreams and protected curls with the Cantu for Kids Bonnet! Your curly kid’s curls are fragile, so we designed this rainbow sleep cap with super-soft satin to prevent breakage, snagging, and frizz caused by pillow friction. This comfy sleep cap stays on all night to protect curl and coil ..
Brand: Cantu
Protect your curls from day to night with Cantu’s Satin Scarf. With a beautiful, yet simple design, our satin scarf isn’t just for nighttime wear. Tie creatively to enhance your daily look, and keep your hair protected and healthy all day long. The Satin Scarf’s breathable fabric is gentle on your h..
Brand: Dream World
Dream Du-Rags, Stocking Caps, Hair and Wig nets are available in different types of caps. Each type of cap has its advantages, and your individual needs will determine which type of product is best for your purposes...
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