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Beautiful Beginnings No-Mistake No-Lye CHILDRENs Relaxer kitPerfect for StraighteningPerfect for NourishmentPerfect Results Helps prevent breakage, even around teh hairlineDark and lovely, combines with beautiful Beginnings to bring yout he first kids' relaxer and haircare line with No Mistake ..
Recommended for thin or fine textured hair. Dark and Lovely Kids: Beautiful Beginnings enriches your child’s hair with coconut oil and vitamin E for silky softness and manageability. Perfect performance for perfect results.Provides gentle straightening for hair of all types.Keeps your kid's hair str..
Helps prevent breakage, even around the hairline.Perfect straightening.Perfect measuring and easy mixing every time. Kids get the perfect relaxer strength for their hair type and mothers get greater peace of mind.Perfect nourishment.Rich coconut oil and vitamin E combine to help perfectly nourish ha..
Gently loosens curlsGentle formula for childrenMoisturizes, nourishes and prevents breakageWe believe in beauty without compromise..
Brand: Kids Organics
Super easy to use, non-drying and helps to provide straighter, healthier hair gear. Gentle formula with organic conditioners and moisturizers that make hair healthier and more manageable. Rebuilds, protects and restores the elasticity, softness and shine of the hair. Offers a superior straightening ..
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