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Curly Secret

Brand: Curly Secret
Curly Secret Bye Bye Knots Conditioner contains nourishing ingredients that make the hair soft, manageable and shiny. With this conditioner, combing your hair becomes easier than ever, Bye Bye Knots! The hair is nourished and fluffy hair is a thing of the past. This conditioner is CG friendly.The co..
Brand: Curly Secret
Curly Secret Hello Fresh Hair Shampoo ensures that you no longer have stiff hair after washing the hair! Contains a lot of caring ingredients such as; coconut oil, costus oil, tea tree oil and argan oil. These ingredients ensure that the hair is nourished to the maximum. Vitamin E prevents hair agin..
Brand: Curly Secret
Every curl is a work of art. Discover unmatched curl definition and health with the Protein Bomb Leave-in, enriched with a bounty of natural ingredients for ultimate curl nourishment and strength...
Brand: Curly Secret
The little friend you never knew you needed. Strengthen your hair with our serum.  The Protein Shot Serum targets the voids in the hair and prevents further weakening of the fiber. ..
Brand: Curly Secret
Curly Secret Scrunching Oil to make hard, crunchy curls soft again! With this scrunching oil you can easily squeeze your hard curls soft again. It is a lightweight oil that simultaneously moisturizes the hair, adds shine and prevents frizz. Also good for use to protect dry and fragile points.Specifi..
Brand: Curly Secret
This Volume Boost Hair Spray has a 2-in-1 formula: it can be used to create intense volume or to add some hold to the hair...
Brand: Curly Secret
The Curl Candy Leave-in is extremely moisturizing. We've added shea butter to the formula to nourish the hair deeply while keeping it soft. The soybean oil helps to retain moisture in the hair and increase the natural shine of the hair. Combined with argan oil the soy bean oil will fight drynesss an..
Brand: Curly Secret
The Curl Rescue Refresh Spray is formulated as an multi-purpose product. It can be used as refresher, leave-in and detangler. The ultra-light formula bonds to the hair shaft to reduce friction, and improves softness, and elasticity of the hair. The spray can can be used on all hair types. This ..
Brand: Curly Secret
The Hydrating Styling Gel is formulated for thick and porous hair, but can be used on all curl types that need a strong hold. It protects extremely dry hair from breakage. The jelly consistency helps the hair to hold its moisture while defining the curls. This way your curls will be beautiful for a ..
Brand: Curly Secret
Our Miracle Styling Foam is formulated with the best ingredients to nourish the hair and provide a strong hold. No gel needed! The drying time of the hair will be radically reduced. And the best of all, the Miracle Styling Foam will not weigh down your hair. Good hair in no time!This is all you need..
Brand: Curly Secret
Curly Secret Quench My Thirst 2-in-1 Treatment gives hair nutrition, definition and shine. Contains Costus Oil and Jojoba Oil, these ingredients not only provide nutrition and shine, but also stimulate hair growth! This treatment also contains Tea Tree Oil, this ingredient ensures that oil productio..
Brand: Curly Secret
Curly Secret Volumizing Curl Foam has a lightweight formula and provides intense volume to the hair. The foam contains argan oil, jojoba oil, vitamin B in E to nourish the hair intensely. The hydrolyzed quinoa protein strengthens the hair.This is all you need to know about the Volumizing Curl F..
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